GIOSTAR/HEAMGEN has developed and secured patented technology to manufacture lifesaving mature red blood cells from stem cells. The red blood cells are made utilizing a bioreactor that permits the production of mature red blood cells, under strictly controlled conditions, for transfusion therapy and replaces the need for a human blood donor. GIOSTAR/HEAMGEN mature red blood cells are safe and not compromised by inadequate pathogen detection and inactivation of diseases such as hepatitis C, HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis. The red blood cells are O-Negative (Universal Donor) to eliminate incompatibility and allosensitization reactions. Trauma situations often do not allow for adequate blood typing due to time restrictions, so the GIOSTAR/HEAMGEN red blood cells address that need effectively.

“There are three main problems for blood transfusions,” stated Dr. Anand Srivastava, founder and CEO of GIOSTAR. “First we have to match the blood type. Second, there’s not enough blood available every single time. And third, when we transfer blood from one person to another person, there is always a chance of the transfer of disease.”

HEAMGEN Inc. is a spin-out of Giostar, Inc., a recognized leader in the field of stem cells and regenerative therapies and products.  Giostar’s Vision, Mission and Values as a leader in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences business sectors can be found here:

Co-Founder & Chairman Dr. Anand with Indian Prime Minister Modi

Co-Founder & CEO Deven Patel with Prime Minister Modi

Vision, Mission & Values


GIOSTARS’s vision is to provide human stem-cell based therapy to aid all those around the world who are suffering from various types of degenerative and genetic diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, diabetes, heart and blood related diseases, strokes, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, cancer and skin burns. GIOSTAR’s primary focus is to discover and develop treatments for such diseases with advanced stem cell-based therapies and products. Through its worldwide development of strategically located stem cell research clinics and hospitals. GIOSTAR ultimate aim is to continue to maintain its leadership in the field of stem cell science and to develop affordable delivery systems for the global masses unable to afford the usually high cost of the treatment.


GIOSTAR’s mission is to administer the safest and most effective stem cell therapies and to deliver the highest quality care through its hospitals.


GIOSTAR will continue to maintain its position of industry leadership through its pioneering research capabilities. GIOSTAR ensures the highest quality care and treatment through rigorous quality control and management. At the same time, GIOSTAR ensures that its operations are efficient, profitable and generate substantial returns for its shareholders. GIOSTAR will continue to value its patients, researchers, scientists, physicians and employees and treat them with the utmost respect. GIOSTAR values teamwork and rewards all contributions that drive our success. GIOSTAR aims to operate with the highest levels of integrity. GIOSTAR also plans to give back to the community in a significant and measurable way by developing programs that will make the treatments affordable to those who are less fortunate and in need.

GIOSTAR/HEAMGEN has identified early entry global markets to include Military, Trauma, Asia (replace Hepatitis C contaminated blood products), Africa (AIDS contaminated blood), Newborns, Thalassemia patients, Allosensitized sickle cell disease patients. South Sudan was found to have the lowest supply of blood, at 46 units per 100,000 people. In fact, the country’s need for blood was deemed 75 times greater than its supply. In India, which had the largest absolute shortage, there was a shortfall of nearly 41 million units, with demand outstripping supply by over 400 percent. Strategic investments are needed in many low-income and middle-income countries to expand national transfusion services and blood management systems. Oncology is a major user of blood transfusion but if countries don’t have the capacity to manage the bulk of oncology, it will limit complex surgery options.

GIOSTAR/HEAMGEN has acquired the exclusive license to the patent for the technique for stem cell proliferation from University of California San Diego (UCSD). The founding team of GIOSTAR/HEAMGEN is comprised of the scientists and clinicians who were involved in creating the Intellectual Property at UCSD and has already achieved PROOF OF CONCEPT – the optimized lab scale proliferation of mature red blood cells – at UCSD as part of their research.